About us

We are proud to have been in business for over twenty-five years in our brick-and-mortar store located in historic downtown Idaho Falls at 318 Park Avenue. Brenda Shurley was the founder of this gem of a consignment store, she had worked in the cosignment industry for 20 plus years before opening her own dream store  "Lily's Too" in 1998, now named Eve & Ivy Consignments. In 2001 her daughter Jessica Shurley ("me") started working for her. Together we shared many years of laughter and enjoyed running the store together. In October of 2021 my Mom passed away, but not without teaching me so much first, she didn't just teach me how to run a business correctly, but how to run a consignment business correctly. She taught me first and foremost we work for our consignee's, they are the reason we are in business. The relationships and friendships that we have built with all our consignee's in the past 25 years has been  priceless to my mother and myself. I am honored to continue the legacy and her dream of helping to create a more sustainable world by reselling and recycling lightly used goods. Mom and I started this website together to help us stay in touch with with our good customers that have moved out of town, or can only come to see us during their annual vacations. I am so happy she was able to help me create and launch this website before her passing and excited for it to reach new friends and stay connected with our consignment family near and far.