Consignment Agreement


You receive 40% of the selling price of your items. The amount owed you is always current and available to you. You may check the balance of your account by calling  208-542-1156 or email us at eveivyconsign@gmail. You may request payment as: store credit, partial store credit and a check, or a check for full amount currently owed. It is your responsibility to request payment. Payments will not be sent out automatically. Inactive accounts for longer than one year with a balance owed will be paid out by in-store credit only. 

Items remain with us for three months. Items are full price for two months and then will be marked down at the discretion of  Eve & Ivy. At the end of the third month, items not sold will be donated or shipped back to you upon your request. Exceptions will be made for some of the finer items. The finer items will not be marked down and will have a longer selling time. They will not be donated without your approval.

We will not cover any shipping costs for any unsold or returned items. 

Our Eve and Ivy store is very selective. We urge online customers to only ship the higher name brand items that are in "new" or "like new" condition. Items from Walmart or other box stores are not what we desire to sell. Please do not ship these items. If you ship items that are obviously stained, torn, or damaged they will be donated upon arrival. You will be notified by email or phone about the donation. All items must be clean and neatly folded. All jewelry must be polished and cleaned. Include certificate of authenticity whenever possible. Before shipping anything, we request that you call (208) 542-1156 or email us at 

We have taken great care in the past 25 years of all items consigned. We assume no liability for theft, fire, or damage of items consigned. We ensure that your items will either sell or we will return them, at the end of the agreement, in the same condition that you sent them in. We do not cover shipping on any returned item.