Collection: John "Jack" Kostelic Pottery

Jack Kostelic, a self-taught potter and artist, was primarily influenced by the Celtic Iron Age and the cave paintings of the Chauvet Cave in France. He and his wife were lucky enough to go inside these caves before they were closed to the public. Here, he was able to see the beautiful, stone-aged cave paintings in person, and replicate it on slabs of clay. The pottery was created by using his own unique, clay compound for these slabs. Every piece has been fired at 2,400 degrees, allowing it to be very durable. If not broken, they will last over a million years, making his collection well sought after from people all over the world. From 1970 to 1990, you could find Jack's work in his art studio, "DOG TOWN STUDIOS," in Dog Town California. Jack and Shirley are both proud to say the studio was the reason the town changed its name, and it will always be a legacy. He sold many pieces in the Ansel Adams Museum, and even a few pieces were sold to Tiffany's. When they sold the studio in the 90's, they packed up only a few of their favorite pieces and moved to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Because of that, we have the very last of the "Dog Town Studios" art collection belonging to Jack Kostelic and his wife Shirley. For all of the above reasons, we have been lucky to consign these pieces. We are happy to be a part of getting the last of his lost art back into circulation, and we hope to share them with you.

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